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Project: NASA Space Center - Special Events Center
Location: Houston, TX
Architect: PGAL Houston
Applicator: Pillar Construction

Quote from Giang Phan, Senior Associate, PGAL:

"Thermocromex was recommended to our client at Space Center Houston because we were impressed with how well the product performed at our previous project for Texas A&M University. The versatility of the material allows for the forming of sharp edges, angles, and corners while keeping the building appearance consistent with surrounding metal panel buildings. The material was applied over frame/sheathing assembly allowing for ease of construction to keep up with a tight construction schedule.

Quote from Junior Steward, Facilities Director, Space Center Houston

The reason we chose the Thermocromex product was that we wanted to simulate the composite panels on the elevator tower for the plane and shuttle which is in close proximity. The product met and exceeded our expectation at a much more affordable cost than the composite panels.