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Project: The John C. Haas Archive of Science and Business at Chemical Heritage Foundation

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Pattern: Two-Color Scoria

Applicator: Guy C. Long

Architect: Always By Design, Ed Barnhardt

A direct quote from architect Ed Barnhart:

“This project, located in the Old City Historic District of Philadelphia, presented a unique combination of challenges. The original c. 1855 cast iron and brownstone loft building, while listed as contributing historically to the city, was simultaneously condemned as being structurally unsound. Our solution was to stabilize and restore the front façade while constructing an entirely new 4-story building behind it.”

“The use of Thermocromex over a steel frame and stud back-up system enabled us to replicate the color and finish of the historic brownstone without incurring the higher costs of masonry construction. Also, the relatively high “plasticity” of this limestone-based product allowed us to design and execute a two-color inlay pattern on the new 4-story façades without introducing distracting control and expansion joints. This represented for us a great marriage of technology and aesthetics.”

The project received the 2014 Grand Jury Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.