Edgewater House

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Edgewater After2

Project:   Edgewater House Condominium
Location:  Rehoboth Beach, DE
Product / Pattern:  Thermocromex™ / Ashler Pattern
Architect:  Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
Applicator:  Roberts Construction
A direct quote from Wayne J. Sharp, Associate, Becker Morgan Group, Inc.

"The Edgewater House Condominium needed to remove the deteriorating exterior stucco system on their main entrance lobby and stair/elevator tower due to water infiltration and damage.  They wanted to preserve the look and style of the original 1965 building, the first condominium building in Delaware.  Thermocromex fit the bill.  Not only did the appearance compliment the existing building, but it also resolved many of the water infiltration issues.  Thermocromex's staff, manufacturer's representatives and field personnel were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and with their assistance the installation was completed without any issues or delays.  As a result of the success of the Edgewater House Condominium project, we look forward to working with Thermocromex on future projects."  

A direct quote from James G. Feldman, Project Manager, Edgewater House Condominium Owners Association

"We are very pleased with how we were able to utilize Thermocromex to replace 40 year old cementitious stucco with a 21st century product that looks ageless."