Project: The Gaillard Center for Performng Arts

Location: Charleston, SC

Substrate: CMU, PIP Concrete and Frame/Sheathing

General Contractor: Skanska USA

Architect: David M Schwarz Architects and Earl Swensson Associates


Direct Quote from Steve Knight, David M Schwarz Architects

“Thermocromex is limestone-based versus Portland cement-based stucco. That was a major cause for our choice – because limestone is softer than Portland cement, it allows for more movement without c racking…and, no need for control joints! Additionally, Thermocromex’s integral color offers slight variation, which is great for the coverage of such a large building, offering a slightly mottled appearance that adds warmth and visual interest. And, “limestone-based” plaster is both new/old at the same time,” he continued: it is a material that has been used in Europe for hundreds of years, while the spray on application of Thermocromex is quite modern and efficient. “Thermocromex addresses movement, vapor and moisture barrier issues, as well. It provides a clean, smooth and uninterrupted monolithic masonry look.”


Over 200,000 square feet of Thermocromex was installed over three different substrate. The ability of this finish to be direct applied to CMU and PIP Concrete, keep out the rain and provide a cladding that breathes, was an exceptional bonus.