St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery

Safford, Arizona

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Project:  St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery
Location:  Safford, Arizona
Product / Pattern:  Thermocromex™ / Two Color Riven
Description: One of the main reasons St. Paisius Monastery chose Thermocromex™ in the two color Riven Pattern was that it duplicated the look of the natural stone at a fraction of the original cost.  Over 35,000 Square Feet of Thermocromex™ was expertly installed without the use of any control joints or other trim pieces as the goal was to emulate the design aesthetics of traditional European churches.  You can see by the finished application that the craftsmen achieved that goal not only with crisp corners but also with the detail work at the cupolas and bell tower.  Temperatures in  the desert of Arizona can exceed 120°F  and Thermocromex's™ use of inorganic / UV resistant pigments which will not fade even in the harshest conditions was extremely important to the client to eliminate future maintenance costs for repainting/re-coloring and providing a user friendly finish that will endure for several generations.